Best XXX Sitcom Parodies

Leave It To Moms Beaver Birds And The Bees. Beaver is feeling horny, so he whips out his meat and starts masturbating. His mom walks in on him and can’t help but admire how big her son’s dick is. But she flees before Beaver can finish and inspect his hands that are covered in cum. Mom confronts dad to let him know that Beaver has been playing with his dingaling. Dad agrees to go talk to Beaver, but ultimately that leaves Beaver more confused. He decides to invite Emily over to talk it out with her. Eventually he offers to just show her. Pulling his pants out, Beaver shows off his big johnson to Emily. She agrees to touch it. Soon she’s having so much fun that she can’t resist the urge to put her mouth on it. Emily likes playing with Beaver’s hardon, but their experimentation doesn’t stop there. Emily slowly takes off her dress so Beaver can admire her tight little body. From her small breasts to her bare twat.

Chapter Two – Very very tight pussy

Then she guides Beaver’s hands and mouth as he experiments with what feels good to her. When Beaver slides his fuck stick all the way into Emily’s tight snatch, they both realize they’ve never enjoyed themselves quite so much before. Now that they’ve awakened those urges, they can’t resist trying other positions. Emily enjoys doggy style, but she really finds it orgasmic to ride Beaver’s stiffie until he fills her with a creampie of hot man milk. Emily leaves with a big smile, and Beaver joins his dad on the couch to brag about doing just what dad said by putting his milk in her flower. As he’s stumbling through his explanation, Beaver unintentionally reveals that his mom has been fucking the milkman.